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Beauville kitchen towels
Beauville kitchen towel delights are imported direct from France in new and exciting patterns that are launched bi yearly.  Beauville has the stork in mind! Find original designs from French creators of antique times of French history to the traditional creations that include "what makes a meal", cooking with ingredients to make recipes a cinch.  The kitchen towels are made with a heavier weave to make them durable, even contains up to 18% linen, raw linen.  Check out the Christmas patterns that are original in nature due to the annual Christmas markets of the Alsace being a major draw to European shoppers.
Bredalas Calendar 2018 French dishtowel by Beauville
Bredalas calendar 2018 French dishtowel by Beauville.
Le Lapin French kitchen towel Beauville
Le Lapin (bunny) French kitchen towel by Beauville
Printemps French towel Beauville
Printemps French towel- now in a new coloration Beauville France
Rooster French kitchen towel by Beauville
Rooster and/or Hen French dishtowel from France.
L Arbre Paque French towel by Beauville
Easter French dishtowels by Beauville France. see them...
Bassecour French kitchen towel Beauville
Bassecour French kitchen towel is new and ready for Springtime.
La Mer French dishtowels in green or red by Beauville
La Mer French dishtowel in aqua green or in coral red, new Spring 2018 design.
Aromatic French towel Beauville
Aromatic towel is back and looks fantastic! Beauville France.
Calendar French towels for 2017 on sale and 2018 by Beauville France
Calendar towel 2017 is on sale in limited quantity, Calendar 2018 still available.
Camembert French kitchen towel by Beauville
Camembert dishtowel by Beauville,imported from France.
Montana French towel by Beauville
Montana in red french tea towels , size 20x31 by French Beauville- 4 available
Bouchons French dishtowel by Beauville
Les Bouchons French dishtowel by Beauville France Alsace creation
Tea au Jasmin french dishtowel by Beauville
Tea au jasmine kitchen towel by Beauville France
Bistrot french dishtowel by Beauville France
Bistrot French dishtowel by Beauville France Alsace creation
Papillons butterflies french towel by Beauville
Butterflies French kitchen towel by Beauville
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