White table linens

French linens & European fine table linens.  White or Ivory plain weave 100% linen or 100% cotton tablecloth, napkins, placemats.  Most white or ivory table linens can be custom made, ask about your custom requests.  White tablecloth 

White tablecloth can be washed at 90°C, but a 60°C wash is usually sufficient.
If necessary, use a special stain remover before washing.
For stubborn stains on white cloths, bleach can be added to the washing water. Use the specified quantity.
Do not tumble-dry.
Spin and hang out to dry. This will ensure your linen lasts longer and does not lose its shape.
Iron with a hot iron while slightly damp.

Bosphore in White table linens by Le Jacquard Francais
Bosphore in White imported from France. 50% cotton and 50% linen fabric, luxurious and beautiful.
Siena damask cotton french table linens in White
Siena in White is a french jacquard tablecloth, woven in France. 100% damask cotton.
Eloise formal tablecloth in Diamant white by Garnier Thiebaut
Eloise in Diamant (white) Damask 100% cotton tablecloth from France.
Lowell tablecloth in White Linen with white band
Lowell tablecloth and napkins, Linen with band. custom sizes too.
Tivoli in White linen french jacquard tablecloth
100% Linen, Made in France. Beautiful and elegant table linen selection.
Eloise size 96 round formal tablecloth in Diamant white
Eloise in Diamant (white) Damask 100% cotton tablecloth from France. 96 round
Lucerne tablecloth in Linen with 1" pleats
Lucerne tablecloth and napkins, Linen with pleats. custom sizes too
Beauregard jacquard table linens in White
Beauregard in White jacquard woven table linens by Garnier Thiebaut.
Eloise size 96x149 formal tablecloth in Diamant white
Eloise in Diamant (white) Damask 100% cotton tablecloth from France. size 96x149
Madeleine linen tablecloth from France
Madeleine linen tablecloth printed in beautiful Italian floor tile pattern, imported from France.
Classico 100% Linen in Round sizes for tablecloth
Fine "Classic" Hemstitch Linen Tablecloth, Napkins, and Placemats from Sferra.
Festival in White linen hemstitched table runner
Festival table runners shown in grey and navy, but available here in White only. 101 colors available though!
Neva jacquard white table napkins on sale featured
Neva 100% cotton jacquard woven in France by Le Jacquard Francais. 19 napkins total available.
Classico 100% Linen table napkins in White or Ivory size 27x27 oversize
Classico 100% linen napkins listed online largest stocked size. easily add big plain linen hemstitch napkins to any dining décor!
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