Beauville French kitchen towels

Beauville kitchen towels in a mix of fine cotton and linen. Designer fashions are made just as the tablecloth, napkin, and placemat selections.
Bicyclette, Tea time, and Plein Sud dishtowels by Beauville
Bicyclette, Tea time, and Plein Sud french dishtowels by Beauville
Santa Pere Noel by Beauville featured
Pere Noel French towel of Santa!
Sapin French dishtowel by Beauville
Sapin new dishtowel from Beauville France. Alsace creation
Calendar towel by Beauville France
Calendar towel 2017 - Ready to purchase, 3 designs. au jardin, coco, and hansi
Tea au Jasmin french dishtowel by Beauville
Tea au jasmine kitchen towel by Beauville France
Marche french towel by Beauville
Towels are sized at 20x31 inches , made in France of 82% cotton and 18% linen fabric union
Coco french dishtowel by Beauville
Coco French dishtowel by Beauville. last call.
Boules de Neige french towel by Beauville
Boules de Neige French kitchen towel by Beauville
Picoti Rooster Chicken table linens by Beauville
Picoti Beauville France creations in both all cotton and cotton coated easy care. matching napkins available
Chamois red dishtowel by Beauville
Chamois red Kitchen towel by Beauville
Camembert French kitchen towel by Beauville
Camembert dishtowel by Beauville,imported from France.
Rooster french kitchen towel by Beauville
Rooster and the Hen French dishtowels from France. Beauville
Bistrot french dishtowel by Beauville France
Bistrot French dishtowel by Beauville France Alsace creation
Foret towel French towel by Beauville
French kitchen towel, size 20x31, imported from France.
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