Bed Coverlet and Shams

Bed coverlets and Pillow shams can be hard to locate and find with all the aspects of what you are searching for in them. Listed here is a quick list of the Bed coverlets we sell quite frequently with much successes. White and Ivory colors to blend easily into your home décor.

Emma wool/cotton bed coverlet and shams by SDH
Emma wool and cotton washable blanket.
Anastasia bed coverlet and pillow shams by SDH
Anastasia Italian Boutis fabric created by SDH Bed linens
Matouk Elliot diamond pique coverlet tailored edged
Elliot Diamond pique coverlet with Easy-care pique finished with a straight hem, in 60% Cotton/40% Polyester
Matouk Gemma quilted coverlet and shams
Gemma coverlet quilted in a 2 inch diamond pattern , Made in USA.
SFERRA Bari matelasse Coverlet and Pillow Shams
SFERRA Bari Italian matelasse coverlet, for top of bed luxury.
Vienna coverlet in Taupe by Peacock Alley
100% cotton matelasse exclusively from Peacock Alley
Peacock Alley Olivia matelasse coverlet boutis by Peacock Alley
Olivia boutis coverlet and bed shams. A best seller
Peacock Alley Montauk Bed Coverlet and Pillow Shams
The Montauk matelassé may be the perfect modern neutral for the sophisticated bed.
Matouk Diamond Pique coverlet and pillow shams
Diamond pique coverlet with White embroidered scalloped edges in 65% Cotton/35% Polyester
Vienna matelasse coverlet in Ecru by Peacock Alley
100% cotton matelasse exclusively from Peacock Alley.
SFERRA Alice bed coverlet and shams by SFERRA White or Ivory
SFERRA Alice matelasse coverlet with scalloped edges. Best selling matelasse coverlet and shams in a scalloped, romantic garden of roses.
Legna soft blanket by SDH
Legna blankets are soft and full of luxurious legna and wool fibers!
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