Wool mattress pad by The Purists

Item#/SKU: SDHFL02

The Purists all wool mattress pad. 


All SDH wool products are natural wool fill with cotton cover.  The wool is untreated and unbleached, sheared from healthy and living sheep, washed and cared.
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Ordering Options
image SDHWL-TWn Bedding: Twin Mattress pad

image SDHWL-Full Bedding: Full Mattress pad

image SDHWL_Qn Bedding: Queen Mattress pad

image SDHWL-Kg Bedding: King Mattress pad

image SDHWL-CalKg Bedding: Cal Kg Mattress pad

image SDHFL02 Bedding: Standard 21x27 pillow

image SDHWL-Kgp Bedding: King size 21x36 pillow

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