Sferra 1020 Duvet cover

Sferra luxurious Italian cotton 1020 thread count in white or in ivory. manufactured in Italy is considered the ne plus fabric is for the most discern shoppers. The fabric of 1020 thread count is authenticated as genuine higher quality fabric and bed linens for the priced bedding item.

Sferra uses only 100 percent Giza ELS Egyptian cotton in the production of its luxury sheeting, such as Celeste, Giotto, Sereno, Milos and the Sferra Giza. This is very important when selecting your Italian bed linens. Try this authentic luxury, you will be most happy after sleeping in total luxury, even the first night!

Giza 45 Stripe Duvet cover and sheets Sferra
Giza45- Stripe bed linens. Ultimate in Luxury.
Millesimo 1020 bed linens by Sferra
Millesimo in 1020 thread count bed linens, Unique, Ultimate Egyptian Cotton sateen woven in Italy to 1020 threads per square inch.
Giza 45 medallion luxury duvet cover and bed sheets Sferra
Giza 45 now offered in white or ivory with a medallion pattern! more beauty in fine linens.
Milos 1020 duvet cover and bed linens by SFERRA
Milos 1020 thread count bed linens by SFERRA. Exclusively, the highest,finest of Italian Luxury sheets.
Sferra Capri 1020 sateen Italian duvet cover and pillow shams
Capri 1020 thread count by Sferra. Ultimate plus sateen fabric in duvet cover and bed sheets.
Giza 45 percale bed sheets White or Ivory by Sferra
Giza 45 percale - the best percale sheet on the market and worth the cash! you will be so happy!
Sferra Cornwall Canadian white goose down King duvet
Cornwall 900 fill power Canadian White Goose Down- Ultimate in King size down comforter.
Sferra Somerset Polish down duvet and pillows in light weight
Somerset in lightweight down products, Polish white goose down.
Giza 45 Luxe sateen White by SFERRA
Giza45 Luxe is the newest innovative luxury bedding. Offer is here!
Sferra Fiona white Pillow Protector
SFERRA Fiona 300 thread count sateen Pillow Protector is the best!
Giza 45 jacquard bed sheets in White or Ivory
Giza45- Jacquard bed linens. Ultimate in Luxury.
Giza 45 sateen bed sheets in White or Ivory by SFERRA
We’ve invented an Italian-woven Egyptian Cotton sheet that is the best there is.
Giza45 Trina lace sateen duvet cover and sheets by Sferra
Giza 45 Trina lace duvet cover and bed sheets and pillow shams. sateen with lace.
Giza 45 lace Italian percale cotton Duvet Cover by Sferra
Giza 45 now offered in white or ivory with a lace inset! more beauty in fine linens.
Sferra Cardigan duvet in Queen sized medium warmth
Cardigan down comforter in Queen size Medium Warmth by Sferra
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