Garnier Thiebaut dish towels

Garnier Thiebaut has master weaving techniques for creating their kitchen dish towels.  Special priced to reduce inventory!
The kitchen towels are offered in great vegtable or floral patterns, great for in house chefs!  mix and match them.
BarBQue Kitchen towels by Garnier Thiebaut
BarBQue and Grill French kitchen towels with matching apron. Bon Appetit
French dishtowels in Fruits or Legumes by Garnier Thiebaut
A bountiful combination of French kitchen towels listed here individually.
Calendar 2016 french towel by Garnier Thiebaut
Calendar 2016 towel by Garnier Thiebaut - Limited Edition
Produits Provencaux in Olivette french towel
Kitchen Towels - Produits Provencaux in Olivette
Chocolate french dishtowel by Garnier Thiebaut
Chocolate themed French dishtowels Feves chocolate towel
Thyme in turquoise french towel
Thyme in turquoise french tea towel
Les Tomates, Les Asperages blanche, Artichaut or Les Radis french towel
Les Tomates, Les Artichaut, Les Radis, and Les Asperages towels
Reception in peche french dishtowel
Reception in peche french dishtowel
Dahlia in citrus kitchen towel by Garnier Thiebaut
Dahlia citrus tea towel of 100% cotton, imported from France.
Myrtilles in violet french towel
Myrtilles in violet tea towels, 100% cotton, Made in France.
Le Vin and Gamay french dishtowel by Garnier Thiebaut
Le Vin dishtowel and Gamay dishtowel, perfect set for the kitchen!
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