Garnier Thiebaut dishtowels

Garnier Thiebaut has master weaving techniques for creating their kitchen dish towels.  
The kitchen towels are offered in great vegtable or floral patterns, great for in house chefs!  mix and match them.
Champignons, Les Asperages blanche, or Les Radis french towel
Les Tomates, Les Radis, and Les Asperages towels French towels
Calendar 2018 french towel by Garnier Thiebaut
Calendar 2018 towel by Garnier Thiebaut - Limited Edition
Champignons in creme French dishtowels by Garnier Thiebaut
Champignons in crème French towel, new Fall 2016
Garnier Thiebaut Mille colorful dishtowels
Mille collibri, Mille Tiles, and Mille Wax creole colorful kitchen towels selections by Garnier Thiebaut
French dishtowels in Fruits or Legumes by Garnier Thiebaut
A bountiful combination of French kitchen towels listed here individually.
Topinambour curcuma french towel by Garnier Thiebaut
Topintambour in curcuma dishtowels Made in France
Rooster,Duck,Rabbit French dishtowel by Garnier Thiebaut
Coq Rooster, Oie Duck, and Lapin Bunny French dishtowels NEW
Myrtilles in violet French towel by Garnier Thiebaut
Myrtilles in violet tea towels, 100% cotton, Made in France.
Citron in zeste french dishtowel by Garnier Thiebaut
Citrus French dishtowel from Garnier Thiebaut
Caviar or Foie Gras French dishtowel by Garnier Thiebaut
Beautiful Garnier Thiebaut French dishtowels called Caviar and Fois
Snowflake in rouge French dishtowel by Garnier Thiebaut
Snowflake French dishtowel by Garnier Thiebaut
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