Holiday Christmas|Easter|Glass tea towels

Easily choose your next Holiday gift tea towel or the famous French dishtowel, this category will show most of the more popular Christmas towels, Easter towels, Glass towels, and famous blue and white blends for all occasions. 

Check out all the Kitchen linens to mix and match with other fabulous ideas for your next gift closet collection.

Calendar 2019 and 2018 French towels by Beauvillefeatured
All available Calendar towels by Beauville. 0nly 5 Calendar 2018 available on sale. Calendar 2019 order soon..
Dominos green French tea towel Beauville
Dominos in green French tea towel, Holiday towel from France by Beauville France.
Silhouettes grey French towel by Beauvillefeatured
Silhouettes in grey French dishtowel- 6 available
Santa Pere Noel French towel by Beauville
Pere Noel French towel of Santa - 3 left
Jingle bells or Souvenirs de Rouge Noel French dishtowel Garnier Thiebaut
Jingle bells in cassis or Souvenirs de Rouge et Vert Kitchen holiday dishtowel Garnier Thiebaut
Silhouettes and Cadeaux French dishtowels by Beauvillefeatured
Beauville products are made in France , 82% cotton and 18% linen. more selections
Monbeau Sapin French kitchen towel Beauvillefeatured
Monbeau Sapin Fall 2018 French kitchen towel by Beauville
Dominos red French tea towel by Beauville
Dominos red French tea towel for Holidays from France by Beauville
Chamois red dishtowel by Beauville
Chamois red Kitchen towel by Beauville
American Pumpkin pie French dishtowel by Garnier Thiebaut
American pumpkin pie French dishtowel for the kitchen Garnier Thiebaut
Sapin French dishtowel by Beauvillefeatured
Sapin tea towel and/or dishtowel from Beauville France. Alsace creation
Atelier du Pere Noel workshop towel by Beauville
Beauville products are made in France. 1 remain
Cadeau holiday French dishtowel by Beauville
Cadeau French tea towels , size 20x31 by Beauville - 4 left
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