Pavia sateen bed sheets by SDH

Item#/SKU: SDH-Pavia Sateen

Pavia sateen

565 thread count Italian imported for Duvet cover, Bed sheet, Pillowcases, and Shams

Egyptian long staple cotton in colors of: Golden Aqua (use with Hydrangea sage),Indigo (for Paros), Oregano (for Livania), Taupe and Pearl (Hydrangea sage).  The bed sheets are really wonderful day to day.  Custom linens are available so email with any questions, products could take 3 to 4 weeks delivery 


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image Pavia-f/qtop SDH-Sizes: F/Q 90X102 top sheet

image Pavia-qftd SDH-Sizes: Queen 13.5" fitted sheet

image Pavia-supqntop SDH-Sizes: F/Q size 96X110 top sheet

image Pavia-supqnftd SDH-Sizes: Queen 17" fitted sheet

image Pavia-Stdcase-1 SDH-Sizes: Standard pillowcase

image Pavia-kgcase-1 SDH-Sizes: King pillowcase


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Pavia sateen bed sheets by SDH
Pavia sateen bed sheets by SDH
Pavia sateen bed sheets by SDH
pavia sateen oregano
pavia sateen taupe
pavia sateen pearl
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