Personal care products

Jasmine or Linen fragrance soaps by SDH
SDH bar soaps in Jasmine or in Linen fragrance. Purchase with the hand lotion! excellent gift.
Energizing Verbena for fragrance by Panier des Sens
One of Mother Nature's curiosities, verbena resembles its fragrance, refreshing and stimulating yet it has soothing and relaxing properties that provide relief from daily stress
Panier des Sens exfoliating shea butter soaps
Panier des Sens shea butter soaps, with exfoliating properties.
Lady Primrose Tryst fragrance
Lady Primrose fragrance Tryst
Provence for fragrance by Panier des Sens
Provence soothing essence of Lemon, Artemisia, and Cypress.
Panier des Sens shea butter soaps
Panier des Sens shea butter soaps
Organic Olive Oil for dry skin
Panier des Sens Organic Olive oil skin care products for dry skin.
Relaxing Lavender for fragrance by Panier des Sens
Lavender flower produces fragrant unique scent of oil of Lavender. great relaxing fragrance for stressful days.
Featured Linen Categories
Cooked in cauldrons with natural glycerin and vegetable oils, our liquid soap is made in accordance with the traditional way of manufacturing Marseille soap
Lady Primrose- softness never felt so good with the precious gifts of Lady Primrose in Tryst and new fashions to delight your gift recipient or yourself. stock up! One never knows when company will arrive and expect that spa feeling and refresh style that is yours to give.
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