Le Jacquard Francais kitchen towels

  Le Jacquard Francais manufacturer of french jacquard woven products creates superb dish towels also referred to as tea towels.  Dishtowels are best products online.  French dishtowels are a topic of high quality conversations.
  Jacquard woven in France, these towels are of 100% cotton.  Prefer all Linen, see Cristal in White or Slate.  Best sellers are:  Paris, Paris en Fleur, see the Le Jacquard Francais Spring 2015 new launch.  The best is on the way.


A Conserver and Croquer french dishtowel by Jacquard Francais
Imported from France exclusively from Le Jacquard Francais.
Apparat in almond dishtowel by Jacquard Francais
Apparat in almond, we have 3 now from France.
Caracteres french dishtowel
Caracteres french kitchen towel in stone (shown) or in yellow.
A la Coque french dishtowel by Le Jacquard Francais
A la Coque French towel, size 24x31 in 3 fabulous colors. Co ordinates with A la Ferme and A Table apron. A must have for Spring.
Argenterie in Agate by Jacquard Francais
Argenterie in agate, by Le Jacquard Francais
Carafes linen french dishtowel or Transparence french dishtowel in blue aqua, or grey or raspberry by Le Jacquard Francais
Carafes French dishtowel in linen , imported from France in 3 colorways: blue aqua, grey, and raspberry
A la Ferme french dishtowel by Le Jacquard Francais
A la Ferme French dishtowel, size 24x31 100% cotton imported from France. Co ordinate with A la Coque, and A Table apron. A must have for Spring.
Bouquet d Epices french dishtowel
Bouquet d epices French dishtowel in Tumeric or in paprika, 100% cotton imported from France.
Cassandre pure linen french dishtowel featured
Cassandre all pure linen towels for the kitchen, size 24x31. Matching Eleonore, and Cristal pure linen towels for a beautiful treat!
Agrumes french dishtowel in lemon
Agrumes french dishtowel, 100% cotton
Cafetiere and Pause-Cafe french dishtowels in 3 colors each by Le Jacquard Francais
Cafetiere French towel in 3 color ways and also the Pause-Café French towel in 3 colors, offered here for easy ordering!! NEW 2014
Chants D Oiseaux french dishtowel
Chants D Oiseaux French dishtowels exclusively by Le Jacquard Francais. 100% cotton , imported in 3 colorways.
Alphabet french dishtowel
Alphabet french kitchen towel in in yellow.
Calendar 2015 French dishtowel
Le Jacquard Francais calendar towel 2015
Chateau french dishtowel by Le Jacquard Francais
Chateau French kitchen towel in 3 colorways: purple, yellow or in Red. New
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