French linen tablecloths

Le Jacquard Francais in tablecloth and/or napkins and placemats in fabrics of 100% linen.  Fabrics for Le Jacquard Francais. 

Always soak in cold water without washing powder before the first use. Soaking in clean water removes the finish on the fabric and prevents stains from adhering to the fabric.
normally be washed at 60°C with a standard washing powder.
For stubborn stains, apply a stain remover before washing, or simply rub the stain with soap before a second machine wash at 85°C.
Most grease stains disappear with a hotter wash.
Do not tumble-dry.
Spin and hang out to dry. This will ensure your linen lasts longer and does not lose its shape.
For the first wash, separate colored items.
Diamant french tablecloth in size 86x86 or 86x149
Diamant French tablecloth from Le Jacquard Francais in sizes: 86x86 and 86x149. All other sizes listed separately online.
Incandescence tablecloth in red size 67x126 by Alexandre Turpault
Incandescence embroidery for Tablecloth by Alexandre Turpault
Tivoli in Black pepper linen french jacquard table linens
100% Linen, Made in France. Beautiful and elegant table linen selection.
Diamant in Amethyst french table linens of 100% linen
Diamant in amethyst French tablecloth and napkins, imported from France.
Joyeuses Fetes french tablecloth by Le Jacquard Francais
Joyeuses Fetes Linen tablecloth , Le Jacquard Francais.
Tivoli in orchid by Le Jacquard Francais
Tivoli in Orchid colorway by Le Jacquard Francais. 100% Linen, imported from France exclusively.
Diamant in Crystal french table linens of 100% linen
Diamant in crystal French tablecloth and napkins, imported from France.
Le Jacquard Francais 100% linen tablecloth size 47x47
Le Jacquard Francais creates a smaller size table square size 47x47 in the patterns listed.
Tivoli linen french jacquard tablecloth and napkins by Jacquard Francais
Tivoli 100% Linen, Made in France. Luxury linen from France
Diamant in Ruby french table linens of 100% linen
Diamant in ruby French tablecloth and napkins, imported from France.
Madeleine linen tablecloth size 67x126 from France
Madeleine linen tablecloth printed in beautiful Italian floor tile pattern, imported from France. grey, 1 available size 67x126
Venezia 100% linen tablecloth in Purple featured
Venezia is 100% pure Linen. Exclusively offered. Purple color way retired for 2014.
Florence linen french tablecloth and napkins
Florence 100% Linen for tablecloth and napkins, hemstitch finish. Imported from France
Tivoli 100% linen tablecloth 69x126 in Caviar black
Tivoli in caviar black all linen tablecloth size 69x126, 1 available.
Venezia french table linens in Ashy beige
Venezia is 100% pure Linen. Timeless chic.
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SFERRA classico table linens of 100% linen fabric, imported. Le Jacquard Francais Tivoli linen , made in France
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