Lavender lady linen wash by Le Blanc

Item#/SKU: Le-Blanc Lavender

Lavender lady laundry liquid soaps and accessories infused with the fragrance of Lavender.  Le Blanc creates the laundry liquid in fragrances very subtle and pleasing.  High Efficiency , very little liquid needed. 

Let the calming aroma of lavender take over your senses. The traditional beauty of this fragrance will blanket your linens with a lasting tranquil freshness that is truly remarkable. Give your linens the treatment they deserve with the sweet aroma drifting from this lavender masterpiece.

FB Linen website sells in packs of 2 or 6 due to the shipping costs. please email with questions.

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Ordering Options
image LavL-64oz 2 pack Le Blanc: 2 Lavender Lady Linen wash 64 oz bottles

image LavL-2 pack silk Le Blanc: 2 Lavender Lady Silk Longerie wash 64 oz bottles

image LavL-twlw 2 pack Le Blanc: 2 Lavender Lady Towel wash 64 oz bottles

image LavL-6pack 64 oz Le Blanc: Case of 6 Linen wash 64 oz

image LavL-6pack twlwsh Le Blanc: Case of 6 Towel Wash 64 oz

image LavL-2 packwater Le Blanc: 2 Lavender Lady Linen water 32 oz bottles

image LavLady-2 pack Soap Units: Dryer sachet- 2pk

image LavLady-2.5 Le Blanc: 6 pack of 2 oz bottles

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