Blue Violet Linen wash by Le Blanc

Item#/SKU: LWBV04

Blue Violet

Experience a clean that is truly exceptional. Begin your next wash cycle with the subtle crispness released from our most popular Blue-Violet fragrance. Take comfort in this delightful violet melody.

Blue Violet fragrance offered in: LINEN WASH®, Linen Water, Dryer Sachet, and in Linen Press®.
NOW in Silk wash in 64 oz bottle for fine washables.

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Ordering Options
image 2-blv4 Soap Units: 2.5 oz sample

image LWBV04 Soap Units: 64 oz. bottle

image silk-wash-64oz Soap Units: Blue Violet silk wash 64 oz.

image BV-Towelwash Soap Units: BlueViolet Towel Wash

image BV-Infusion Soap Units: Infusion 12 oz bottle

image BV_Linwater Soap Units: Linen water 32 oz.

image 04-blv Soap Units: Dryer sachet- 2pk

image BV-Linenpress Soap Units: Linen Press 25 oz bottle


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Blue Violet Linen wash  by Le Blanc
Blue Violet Linen wash  by Le Blanc
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