Summer Verbena Linen Wash by Le Blanc

Item#/SKU: LWSV11

Take the blues out of everyday laundry and let this gentle yet effective cleanser do the work for you. This specialty cold water wash removes difficult stains from apparel while keeping the original look of the garment. Laundry Wash is ideal for laundering natural and synthetic washable and colorfast fabrics. Feels like wearing a new outfit every time!

NEW PRODUCT:  Silk Wash in fragrance of Summer Verbena

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image LWSV112 Soap Units: 2.5 oz sample

image LWSV11 Soap Units: 64 oz. bottle

image silk-wash Soap Units: silk wash 64 oz bottle

image SumVerb-TowelWash Soap Units: Towel Wash

image SV-dry2pck Soap Units: Dryer sachet- 2pk

image LWSV116 Soap Units: Linen water 32 oz.

image SV_Infusion Soap Units: Infusion 12 oz bottle


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Summer Verbena Linen Wash by Le Blanc
Summer Verbena Linen Wash by Le Blanc
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