Portfolio for Men Linen wash

Item#/SKU: LWPM06

It’s all in the details. This alluring blend of classic woods and orange blossom are warmed with a hint of amber and vanilla to create an elegance of chic style. Designed by women, yet tailored for the modern day male.

Portfolio fragrance offered in: LINEN WASH®, LINEN WATER, Dryer Sachet and in Linen Press®
and Fragrance Infusion.

Laundry for the modern day male

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Ordering Options
image LWPM062 Soap Units: 2.5 oz sample

image LWPM06 Soap Units: 64 oz. bottle

image LWPM065 Soap Units: Dryer sachet- 2pk

image LWPM066 Soap Units: Linen water 32 oz.

image Infusion 12 oz Soap Units: Portfolio Infusion

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