Seville lemon yellow tablecloth by Le Jacquard Francais

Item#/SKU: LJSev-lem

Seville in citrus lemon yellow French jacquard tablecloth 

100% cotton jacquard woven in France for Le Jacquard Francais.   
Made and imported from France
as a delicate intricate and timeless French table linen selection to amaze your dining guests. Seville is created in more sized tablecloths in 86 inches wide.

Seville tablecloth expresses the opulence of the Andalusian palaces for it's mosaics and stucco motifs. Seville colorations will take you back to the gardens of Seville.....see all colors: Menthe, Citrus lemon, Tangerine, and Jasmine

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Ordering Options
image bsntpmt LJF table linen: 15x21 placemat

image LJSev-lem22 LJF table linen: 22x22 Napkin

image LJSev-lem47 LJF table linen: 47x47 table topper

image LJSev-lem69r LJF table linen: 69 round cloth

image LJSev-lem126 LJF table linen: 69x126 tablecloth

image LJSev-lem LJF table linen: 69x69 table square

image LJSev-lem98 LJF table linen: 69x98 tablecloth

image LJSev-lem149 LJF table linen: 86x149 tablecloth

image LJSev-lem86 LJF table linen: 86x86 table square

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