Fleurs Gourmandes chalk coated tablecloth by Le Jacquard Francais

Item#/SKU: LJ-FG-chalk

Fleurs Gourmandes chalk - very neutral muted shades for coated cotton tablecloth.

Le Jacquard Francais exclusive

This cotton coated tablecloth is made in France in the Chalk color way.  Coated cotton means easy care just wipe clean tablecloth. This coated cotton tablecloth and all cotton napkins woven and imported from France

Le Jacquard Francais exclusive other colors still available online. Fleurs Gourmandes comes in peach, and linen. The linen has more additional colorways than neutral.  Fleurs Gourmandes is a beautiful pattern always.

Napkins are plain cotton.  Machine wash as needed. Tablecloth can be laundered in water only, no dryer.

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image LJ-FG-Ch69Rd LJF table linen: 69 round cloth

image LJ-FG-Ch69 LJF table linen: Coated 69x69 tablecloth square

image LJ-FG-Ch98 LJF table linen: Coated 69x98 tablecloth

image LJ-FG-Ch126 LJF table linen: Coated 69x126 tablecloth

image LJ-FG-ChNapkin LJF table linen: 22x22 Napkin

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