Linen Wash Original fragrance

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Le Blanc Linen Wash

This premium cold-water, mild cleanser is the original LINEN WASH®. Tested and proven to be the safest cleaner and stain remover in the home textile industry. Highly recommended and seen in the all magazines, we stand behind this exceptional product.

Whether caring for a new linen or restoring an old one, Le Blanc® LINEN WASH® will do the trick in removing tough stains from fine fabrics. Le Blanc® LINEN WASH® will remove red wine, lipstick, grease, coffee, blood, yellow age stains and many more stains without the use of BLEACH, CAUSTICS or PHOSPHATES. Its Neutral pH balance makes it safe enough to use on linens, 100% Egyptian Cottons, synthetics, and blends

NEW Products: Linen water spray bottle 32 oz. Dryer sachets packages in 1.
Coming soon: luggage sachets priced at $16.00 for 2 sachets. Great for the luggage for travel, why worry?


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Linen Wash Original fragrance
Linen Wash Original fragrance
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