Iosis tapestry pillows from France exclusively Yves Delorme
Artaban pillow by Iosis
Artaban pillow by Iosis, imported from France. 3 colorways available.
Agave pillows by Iosis
Agave pillow by Iosis, size 18x18 imported from France. 3 colorways available
Cavallo, Piana, Compagnie pillows by Iosis France
Cavallo (fern), Piana (shells), and Compagnie fishies) imported from France. Bloom solid colors to co ordinate in lagon and papaya.
Finn in green pillow by Iosis
Iosis pillow, imported from France.
Saison tapestry pillow by Iosis
Saison in prarie green or in Ciel blue, size 18x18. Also available in 13x22 rectangle size.
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