Sferra Buxton medium weight duvet or sleeping pillows

Item#/SKU: SF-Buxton Medium

Buxton down comforters European wgd 600 fill power.

created exclusively for Sferra. Medium weight has more fill thus more loft and warmth.
  Sleeping pillows: Boudoir, Standard, Queen, King and European size. 350 TC cotton batiste cover

 12 inch baffle box construction.

Care instructions:  Down wash, and minimize laundering. Use a Sferra duvet cover/pillowcases, Machine wash is fine, no agitator is best.  down wash preferred, and in dryer a tennis ball helps keep down moving.  Most of all, enjoy this popular down product year round in your favorite duvet cover.

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Ordering Options
image 4tw12138m Sferra duvet/pillows: Twin 71x86 Medium

image 212138m Sferra duvet/pillows: F/Qn 90x94 Medium

image 312138m Sferra duvet/pillows: King 108x94 Medium

image 412138m Sferra duvet/pillows: Standard pillow 20x26

image 612138m Sferra duvet/pillows: Queen pillow size 20x30

image 512138m Sferra duvet/pillows: King pillow size 20x36

image euro812138m Sferra duvet/pillows: Euro pillow 26x26

image 712138m Sferra duvet/pillows: Boudoir pillow 12x16

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